Explore Tuition and Fees for Dance Classes & Costumes

Mini Dancer Program Class Tuition

Individual & Combo 1st Class Fees

  • Tiny Tots (45 minutes) $60.00
  • Creative Movement (45 Minutes) $60.00
  • Kinderdance Combo (60 Minutes) $65.00
  • Primary Combo (90 Minutes) $85.00
  • Mini Acro (45 Minutes) $60.00
  • Mini Hop Hop (45 Minutes) $60.00
  • Jr. Musical Theatre (60 Minutes) $65.00

Each Additional Class Fee

  • Each Class Added $50.00

Special Needs

Dancing Without Limits

  • Forest Dance Academy offers dance classes for dancers with special needs ages 4 and up. FDA's special needs program is entirely sponsored by Forest Dance Academy, P.P.S.A.D. and the community of supporting friends and families of these dancers and the art.

Classic Dancer Program Class Tuition

Individual & Combo Class Fees

  • All Individual Classes (45-75 Minutes) $65.00
  • All Combo Classes (90-105 Minutes) $85.00

Additional Class Fees

  • Each Added Class $50.00

Dance Pass | Any Classes beyond 5 is Free!

  • Elementary/Junior Level Dance Pass $265.00
  • Pre-Teen/Junior Level Dance Pass $265.00
  • Intermediate/Teen Dance Pass $265.00
  • Int-Adv/Teen Level Dance Pass $285.00
  • Advanced/Senior Level Dance Pass $285.00

Company Tuition

FDA Christmas and Performance Company
Unlimited Monthly Rehearsal Hours $45.00

Tuition Payments

Tuition payments are due on the 1st of each month, billed on the 27th of the proceeding month and will be processed to your credit/debit card on file on the 7th of each month. The following is billed at time of registration;

  • First Months Tuition
  • Registration Fee

CompuDance Billing

All payments are processed through our online dance system, CompuDance. Required credit/debit card numbers will be on file with our secure payment processing provider, PaySafe.

Dance Cards

Dance Cards are designed for dancers who cannot commit to an entire dance season.  They are not eligible to perform in the Winter or Spring Performances.

  • Drop-in Single Class Dance Card $20.00
  • 10 Class Dance Card $150.00
  • Private Lesson Dance Card $250.00

Declined Payment Policy

Declined payments will be assessed a $35 late fee if not paid within 7 days of the decline date.  For your 1st, 2nd or 3rd decline, any necessary late fees will be applied to your account after the 7 day grace period expires.  If you have had 3 previous declines in the same dance season your account will be assessed a $35 late fee immediately, there will be NO grace period.  Please note there are no exceptions to this policy.

Mini Dancer Program Costume Fees

Winter Performance & Spring Showcase

  • Tiny Tots $80.00 Each
  • Creative Movement $80.00 Each
  • Kinderdance Combo $80.00 Each
    • 1 Genre Per Performance
  • Primary Combo $80.00 each
    • 1 Genre Per Performance
  • Primary Combo $95.00 each
    • 2 Genres Per Performance
    • 2 in 1 Costume
  • Mini Acro $80.00 Each
  • Mini Hip Hop $80.00 Each
  • Junior Musical Theatre $90.00 Each


  • Hanging Costume
  • Custom Garment Bag
  • Tights
  • Headpiece & Accessories

Not Included

  • Shoes
  • Additional Tights - $15.00 Per Pair
  • Jewelry 

Wardrobe Department


The costume fees will cover the cost of minor alterations such as taking in the sides or hemming pants. FDA's seamstresses are available for major alterations or to assist in parent tasks such as tightening straps or sewing elastic on a headpiece. (Note: Additional fees may apply)

Classic Dancer Program Costume Fees

Winter Performance & Spring Production

  • Genres
    • Tap $90.00 Each
    • Jazz $90.00 Each
    • Contemporary $90.00 Each
    • Musical Theatre $90.00 Each
    • Acro $90.00 Each
    • Hip Hop $90.00 Each
    • Modern $90.00 Each
  • Ballet $100.00 Each
  • Pointe $100.00 Each


  • Hanging Costume
  • Custom Garment Bag
  • Tights
  • Headpiece & Accessories

Not Included

  • Shoes
  • Additional Tights - $15.00 Per Pair
  • Specialty Tights - $20.00 Per pair
  • Earrings - $10.00 Per Pair 

Costume Due Dates

Costume payments must be paid in full for a costume to be ordered. All costume payments, accounts and service charges must be paid in full for costume distribution.


  • September 14th | Winter Performance
  • December 1st | Spring Performance

Winter & Spring Performance Packages

Performance Packages Master Order Form

Each FDA Dancer is required to purchase the FDA Performance Package for each of our shows. For the fee of $120.00 per dancer you will receive:
4 Tickets, 1 Performance Shirt and 2 Program Books.  Dancers will be automatically billed via CompuDance and auto-pay will run to the Credit Card on file the dates listed below. This recital fee helps to cover the cost of the theatre rental, program design & printing, performance shirts and production costs such as lighting, backdrops, sets & videography.  

  • Winter Performance | Master Order Form - Performance Package (Due November 1st)
  • Spring Performance | Master Order Form - Performance Package (Due March 1st)

If you are ordering any of the OPTIONAL PACKAGE ADD-ONS (a la carte) listed below you must complete the Performance Master Order Form and return it to the studio no later than, Friday, Nov 18th for the Winter Performance and Friday, March 8th for the Spring Production.  Your account will then be automatically billed.   Add-Ons: Additional T-Shirts, Souvenir Posters, Additional Program Books, DVDS, & the PPSAD Fundraiser.


TICKETS | $20.00
Each dancer will be given four tickets to their main performance with the purchase of your Performance Package. We have reserved these tickets for your dancer, but please note tickets will not have reserved seat assignments, admission will be general seating only.

ADDITIONAL TICKETS | $20.00 Additional tickets will be available for you to purchase on a first come first basis and are $20.00 each. All tickets are non-refundable, but may be exchanged based on availability.

PERFORMANCE SHIRTS | $20.00 Each dancer will receive one performance shirt included with your Performance Package. Additional shirts for parents or siblings are available to pre-order only on the Master Order Form. 

PROGRAM BOOKS | $10.00 Two show program books are included with the Performance Package. Additional show program books are available to pre-purchase on the Master Order Form. We will be selling a limited number of printed program books at the Performances.


SOUVENIR POSTERS | $10.00 Winter & Spring Performance Souvenir Posters are available to pre-order ONLY on the Master Order Form. To be guaranteed a souvenir poster you must pre-order them as there will be a limited number sold at the door.

PERFORMANCE DVDS | $45.00 We will be professionally videotaping each performance. For those of you interested in ordering a DVD of the Winter or Spring Performance please fill out the Master Order Form. In addition, DVD order forms will be available at the shows and are due by the last performance. You will be notified when DVDs are ready for pick-up.

PPSAD Show Keepsake | Scholarship Fundraiser If you are interested in ordering a show keepsake for the Winter or Spring Performance please fill out the Master Order Form.